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Sacred Rhythm - Mridanga Workshop


Hare Krishna

We are very fortunate that Bhima-Karma Prabhu, a renowned Mridanga teacher will be in Leicester this coming June.

Bhima-Karma Prabhu has played with the likes of Sripad Aindra Prabhu, Agindev Prabhu, Madhava, Vaiyasaki Prabhu, Krsna Das, Shyam Das, Jai Uttal and many others.

He will facilitate "Sacred Rhythm - the Mridanga workshop" over the weekend: 25th and 26th June 2016

You can book onto the course at:

For more information please contact Tejash Prabhu on 07518977019

The cost of the 2-Day workshop [includes lunch] is: £75($108)

Sri Mridanga’s origins extend more than 5,000 years into Vedic antiquity. This sacred clay drum is the grandsire of the modern tabla, pakavaj, mridangam, dolak and others. Primarily employed as an instrument of kirtan and other sacred ritual, its system is a musical expression of the comprehensive philosophy and yogic mysticism of bhakti - the essential Vedic teaching. An obscured art, this tradition of Manoharshaya is now being taught systematically in the West for the first time.

Workshop Topics:
Mridanga’s Vedic origins and tradition/sampradaya
Vedic model of performance art in mridanga playing
Elements of tala/rhythmic structure
Lahara - tala/rhythm progression and composition
Playing mridanga in kirtan
Earning titles for proficiency

While developing a comprehensive understanding of mridanga’s spiritual background, as well as the striking beauty and grace of its rhythmic compositions, we will seek to transform our approach and practice of the sacred art of kirtan performance by exploring its philosphical and emotional depths. Those who demonstrate a command of the material of this level of instruction can earn the title “Mridanga Prabhakara”.